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The Breaking Room (TBR) founded by Dr. Zina Pierre (Zina Pierre Ministries), is a 501C3 global outreach and prayer ministry founded upon the principals of serving, teaching and releasing others to become movers and shifters in the kingdom of God and the secular world.  Our virtual organization provides trusted leadership and commitment to accountability, social responsibility, and access to resources and partnerships to assist in transitioning men, women and families from hopelessness to wholeness.

We believe through education, training and spiritual development – men and women will become empowered to break through life’s barriers and birth into a life of purpose through positive social and spiritual change and the word of God.

Predicated upon the scripture Isaiah 10:27 “and the yolk shall be broken because of the anointing” – TBR provides a virtual space to release and restore. The logo of the dove holding a broken chain in it’s mouth, represents Christ breaking every chain of barriers in your life.



The vision of The Breaking Room is caring for men, women and families, and promoting healthy lifestyles and relationships through education, training and empowerment around the principles of the word of God and prayer.

Our Approach:

• Education: teaching the word of God and spiritual development.

• Training: to promote life skills development to help improve self-awareness, confidence and consistency and empowerment from generational strongholds.

• Empowerment: to promote programs and outreach initiatives to direct men and women towards stability and success in their spiritual growth.

• Serve: to provide service to under-served communities by providing charitable donations through (monetary gifts, food, blankets, toiletries, clothing, school supplies and toys) to support men, women and children.



Our mandate is to equip men, women and children with the tools they need to succeed in life, grow in God, and serve others in need. Through our outreach, we help to help push people into a place of empowerment through:

• Daily “Pray it Forward” prayer calls Monday through Friday at 7:00am – 7:30am (est) dial in to 1-712-451-0281 access code 749779#

• Thursday Night Bible Study calls at 8:00pm (est) dial in to 1-712-451-0281 access code 749779#

• “Dare 2 Do Different” Campaign Fast and Prayer calls (1st three days of each month at 8:00pm EST with Dr. Zina).  Participants commit to engage in volunteer service twice month.  For more details or to join, email us at

• Monthly First Monday’s Prayer Camp Webinars 8:00pm (est) (see tab for Webinars for full details and to register)

• Quarterly online virtual revivals with pastors and world leaders

• Annual Breaking Room Encounter Conference in August

• Personal spiritual counseling and development

• Send your prayer request via the prayer room tab and a LIVE intercessor will contact you for prayer

• Community outreach and philanthropic giving through our “Share the Love” outreach mission. Through this effort we provide: food and clothing to the homeless, donate blankets to seniors in nursing homes, toiletries and clothing to women’s shelters and transitional homes, anonymous food basket giveaways during Thanksgiving, and toy donations to families, charities and ministries during the Christmas holiday.


If you are in need of prayer or for more information on The Breaking Room and its outreach, contact us at 240-245-7421 or

Thank you for visiting with us, our virtual doors are always open!

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